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Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones can break your bones however phrases can by no means harm you” Did you develop up listening to that?

It’s not true.Sticks and Stones pinterest thumbnail

Phrases harm as a lot or typically manner worse than bodily can. Even behind laptop screens. And other people pleasing is an actual downside. We need to be “appreciated” It is a massive theme in my new ebook “Getting old In Reverse

What I do know for positive: Behind each success is a STORY of somebody who pushed via others opinions and mean-ness. A narrative of somebody who discovered to imagine in themselves even when others did not- A narrative of somebody who put themselves on the market EVEN WHEN they had been afraid of what others would possibly say. A narrative of somebody who turned ache into objective. And probably the most profitable ones SHARE this.

AND I additionally know THIS:

Behind each web troll, and bully, is a VERY HURT little boy or woman simply eager to be seen, be heard and be cherished. That’s all they need.

It’s not that we shouldn’t -“care what others suppose” it’s truly that we should always CARE that everybody simply desires to really feel seen, heard and cherished.

If you’d like extra of that in YOUR life, be it to others. Don’t be that troll.

In case you watched my IG story final evening you noticed only a tiny glimpse of what I expertise with trolls. And I’m not so powerful that they by no means harm. They do… I can’t management them however I CAN management how I present as much as others. And I’m dedicated to seeing that little woman or boy in everybody that simply desires to be cherished.

A lot of you might have requested me how I keep a younger 48 12 months outdated – this can be a key ingredient: expressing, feeling, sharing and connecting AND on the lookout for that little woman or boy in everybody.

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