Take Your Spirituality and Sexuality Again This Valentine’s Day

Strive these 4 methods for feeling grounded, free, and loving.

There’s no time like the current to radically reframe your sexuality as spirituality. Most of society is caught up within the decrease frequencies related to intercourse—which means most people are targeted on being purely bodily, self-gratifying, and impulsive. Making your sexuality non secular entails anchoring your self in increased frequencies, reminiscent of devotion, reverence, and selflessly giving. The 4 rules and practices beneath, for the way taking your sexuality again as an act of spirituality, come from Vedanta—the traditional philosophical teachings of yoga—and from my Sattvic and Horny program, which teaches ladies easy methods to be snug with themselves—with each the pure (sattvic) and the attractive components of themselves. I’m going to inform it like it’s… actual, uncooked and sincere.

My Sattvic and Horny rules are ideally utilized in unison; not individually. See them as a collective—that construct all elements of a lady who confidently connects intimately with herself and her companions. A lady who acknowledges her challenges and units wholesome boundaries with out feeling responsible.

Sattvic and Horny Rules and Poses

1. Be Brave

Take possession of your ideas, phrases, and actions. Keep away from judgement, blame, and competitors. Select to self-direct your current expertise and design your required future.

It takes braveness to personal your sexuality and redefine it for your self as spirituality, as a substitute of one thing everybody has already labeled for you and outlined for you. Sexual labels reminiscent of sluts, prudes, or teases solely preserve you within the decrease frequencies as a result of they’re bodily and primarily based on whether or not or not you will have sexual activity. As an alternative, you may be spiritually anchored within the increased, permitting freedom from valuing your self by what you select sexually. You select to solely have intercourse from a spot of aware intimacy together with your companion. This fashion you’ll be able to conquer any disgrace or inadequacies revolving your sexuality, reminiscent of not feeling sufficient or utilizing intercourse as a crutch to remain related. The main focus strikes in direction of a non secular interplay, not only a bodily one. Between you and me, this can solely make your bodily chemistry extra palpable and euphoric.

Apply Being Brave

Arrange your mat in entrance of a mirror if doable. Begin your apply with 5 Solar Salutations as a heat up.

Crow Pose (Bakasana)

INSTRUCTIONS: Out of your final Samastithi (Tadasana), separate your toes hip width aside. Bend your knees and are available right into a squat. Carry your elbows to the within of the knees and separate your palms shoulder width aside. Place your palms in entrance of you and convey the load ahead onto your palms. Create a 90 diploma angle together with your arms and lean ahead and down. Elevate your toes off the ground, one by one. Maintain for five deep breaths whilst you repeat “I can!” Pause after which do it once more for five extra breaths.

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2. Be Trustworthy

Be deeply dedicated to inspecting your personal reality and to totally understanding the truths of others. Actively select to dwell in peace with the truth of what’s and what’s not.

Honesty supplies the readability to keep up the braveness wanted to proceed on this path. Honesty is an understanding of the reality and the worth of being truthful. Most individuals are riddled with concern of being rejected so that they mislead themselves and others as a way to be accepted. Even a white lie in a gaggle setting about saying you recognize a film reference if you don’t stems from insecurity and an unwillingness to let individuals see you. As an alternative you acclimate to others’ expectations and norms to be cherished, at your personal expense. A Sattvic and Horny Lady doesn’t must “slot in” and say one thing to be accepted. She matches inside and accepts herself.

Apply Being Trustworthy

Full Lotus Pose (Padmasana) or Easy Pose (Sukhasana)

INSTRUCTIONS: After conquering your Crow Pose (or any arm steadiness you’re engaged on) place your self in entrance of a mirror. Sit in full lotus or in straightforward pose and make eye contact with your self. Take 10 deep breaths and repeat “I’m sincere.” After these 10 breaths, keep your self within the mirror and ask your self, “What do I should be sincere with myself about proper now?” Take 10 extra breaths.

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3. Be Unburdened

Deal with the very best important good in on a regular basis actions. Embrace the thriller and wonder unfolding in your relationships, stay unattached to regulate, and use each interplay as a chance to study and develop.

Being unburdened means that you’re not connected. That doesn’t imply being indifferent and aloof. As an alternative it means you aren’t affected by exterior stimuli. You don’t really feel chargeable for different individuals’s lives or happiness. You don’t really feel obligated to say “sure” to individuals if you actually know you’ll want to say “no.” You don’t carry self-loathing nor do you’re taking issues personally. This precept makes you mild and free to stream with what comes and goes. You aren’t chained to your previous, to the fears of the longer term, your society or your tradition. You select each label for your self and don’t get affected by how others label you.

Apply Being Unburdened

Reclined Butterfly (Supta Konasana)

INSTRUCTIONS: Out of your seated pose, place your self in a butterfly place – toes collectively knees aside. Lie down in your again and bend your elbows like cactus elbows, palms going through up. In case your knees harm right here place blocks underneath your knees. Take 20 deep breaths right here and repeat “I’m free.

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4. Be Nurturing

Search to assist, love, and uplift yourselves, others, and your companion(s). Actively work to cut back hurt and create ease and concord with all these round you.

Nurturing is what permits the three different rules to flourish. Nurturing implies a love and care towards different beings and a supportive mentality. There’s a groundedness and openness you could find in being nurturing.

On their very own the above are fundamental values, however collectively they wield immense energy. None of those rules embody an “Eff You!” or rebel towards society or different individuals. As an alternative it’s extra of an assertion of the upper model of your self that you just’re working towards changing into.

Sattvic and Horny requires you to face up and take motion for your self. Merely say, “Now could be the time to reclaim my sexuality and assert my spirituality!”

These 4 rules allow you to take again your spirituality and your sexuality. Spiritually enhanced ladies create balanced, stunning, and daring relationships with themselves and their companions. Fearlessly love, honor your sensuality and thrive in your intimate relationships! Ignite your sattvic and attractive selves with the sequence beneath.

Apply Being Nurturing

Happy Baby Pose

INSTRUCTIONS: Carry your knees collectively slowly and convey them into your chest. Separate your bent knees and seize your toes from the surface together with your elbows on the within of the knees and press your knees down in direction of the ground for comfortable child pose. Bear in mind the simplicity of a child and that you just have been as soon as there too. Take 10 deep breaths and repeat “I’m loving.”

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You’ve got now begun the method of changing into a Sattvic and Horny Lady! Completely happy Love Day!

Rina Jakubowicz, founding father of Rina Yoga, is a world bilingual yoga trainer, Reiki practitioner, motivational speaker, and creator. Her new ebook is The Yoga Thoughts: 52 Important Rules of Yoga Philosophy to Deepen Your Apply. She has been a trainer of lecturers since 2002, presenting at Kripalu Middle, Wanderlusts, Himalayan Institute, Omega Institute, Yogaville, Yoga Journal Conferences, Telluride Yoga Competition, and Mammoth Yoga Competition. Rina’s yoga movies are discovered on Gaia TV, Shri TV, Yogisanonymous, and Udaya On-line. She’s the yoga skilled on Univision’s Tu Desayuno Alegre, and a daily contributor for Yoga Journal On-line and MindBodyGreen. Sattvic & Horny was created in 2019 to encourage ladies to fearlessly love with knowledge. Be taught extra at rinayoga.com and @rinayoga. 

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